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Child In Speech Therapy


Receptive Language

Receptive Language is the ability to understand and interpret spoken language. It includes comprehending basic vocabulary, following complex directions, and grasping abstract concepts. Children with receptive language difficulties may struggle with following directions, participating in classroom activities, and communicating effectively with peers and adults. 

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Comprehension refers to the ability to understand and make sense of language. It includes understanding written and spoken language, interpreting figurative language, and making inferences. Poor comprehension skills can make reading challenging and lead to difficulty in understanding new concepts and ideas. 

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Auditory Processing

Auditory Processing is the ability to process and interpret sounds in the environment. This includes the ability to listen to and understand speech, differentiate between sounds, and recognize patterns within sounds. Children with auditory processing difficulties may have difficulty following conversations in noisy environments, differentiating similar sounding words, and remembering verbal instructions. 

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Literacy is the ability to read and write effectively. It includes learning sound-letter correspondence, decoding, comprehension, and applying reading strategies. Strong literacy skills are crucial for academic success and include being able to interpret complex materials, communicate effectively in written form, and comprehend written instructions. 

How can we help with receptive language?

As a speech language pathologist, myself and my team specialize in diagnosing and treating receptive language, comprehension, auditory processing, and literacy difficulties. By creating personalized treatment plans, we can help children improve these crucial skills and succeed in academic and social settings. Contact us today to learn more about how I can help your child achieve their communication and learning goals.

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