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We offer Speech-Language Therapy services to adults suffering from communication challenges due to conditions like Aphasia, Dysarthria, or cognitive impairments. Our approach is client-centered and focuses on improving quality of life through enhanced communication. Services are available as in-person or virtual sessions.

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Dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, can significantly impact an individual's ability to eat and drink safely. As a team of trained Speech-Language Therapists, we offer direct therapy and home exercises to improve swallowing function and ensure safety during meals.

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Aphasia is when an individual may have difficulty with word finding. A person may know what he/she wants to say but has difficulty getting the words out. Sometimes the person may think they are saying the correct thing when they are not and other times they may be extremely frustrated by the challenges. Our Speech-Language Therapists are here to help patients and their families.

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Apraxia is a motor speech disorder that makes it hard to speak. It can be frustrating when adults used to be able to say things without difficulty and now have a hard time getting words out intelligibly. As a team of dedicated Speech-Language Therapists,  we are here to guide and support this journey, providing evidence-based techniques and compensatory strategies.

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