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Articulation refers to the physical process of producing specific speech sounds. It involves the coordinated movement of the lips, tongue, teeth, and jaw. When this process is disrupted, it can result in articulation disorders. As a team of Speech-Language Therapists, we are committed to helping individuals overcome these challenges through targeted therapy strategies aimed at improving speech sound production.

Playing with Letters


Phonology is the study of how sounds function within a particular language or languages. A phonological disorder occurs when a child has not learned the sound rules. Phonological errors may follow a pattern/trend for how the error presents. Therapy for phonological disorders is designed to help children understand and use these rules to improve their speech.

Group Discussion

Oral Motor Skills

Oral motor skills refer to the movement of the muscles in and around the mouth (e.g. lips, tongue, and jaw, cheeks) needed for speech production, eating, and swallowing. If you or your child struggles with these skills,  we can help work on improving strength, coordination, and movement of the oral muscles.

Speech Therapy Session


Apraxia is a motor speech disorder that can occur in children and adults and makes it hard to speak. It can take a lot of practice and patience to help improve speech abilities in people with apraxia since it involves neurological pathways and connections.

How can we help with articulation?

As a team of dedicated Speech-Language Therapists,  we are  here to guide and support this journey, providing evidence-based techniques to improve speech motor control.

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