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Lauren, Parent

“Amanda started working with our son when he was about two and a half. At the time, he only had about four words total and very few sounds. After only six months, he’s expanded his vocabulary immensely and has gained so many new sounds such as p, d, m, b, and more. Amanda is extremely patient and kind and has formed such a wonderful connection with our son (he waits at the window for her when he knows it’s speech time!). Her knowledge and skills are extremely evident in her practice. She has provided us with simple and effective strategies to do at home to help enhance our son’s speech as well. She is always willing to provide resources and support as needed. Amanda has been such an integral part in our son’s speech growth this year and I truly can’t recommend her enough-she’s amazing!”

Erin, Parent

"We were blessed to meet Amanda when our daughter Brynn was only 3 years old. She has helped her go from a little girl with minimal, garbled speech to the chatty little 5-year-old girl we know today! She has a phenomenal rapport with Brynn and is able to get Brynn to engage in her entire session through a phenomenally effective in-home, play-based learning style. We couldn't recommend her enough!"

Catherine, Parent, M.Ed., M.A. AutPlay Therapist

"My son like many since the beginning of the pandemic was experiencing a speech delay. It was clear that he understood what was being asked of him, but he was becoming increasingly frustrated not being understood. After his third birthday I knew that there was a need to find help. My family moved from Tennessee to Arizona, and I was concerned what providers would be like here. As a mental health therapist and Certified Autism Specialist I have high standards for providers. When I found Amanda, I knew I was in the right place. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable but she comes to your HOME! As a working mother I cannot express how helpful that was for me. I was able to work, and my child still received world class services. My son’s speech has grown exponentially since beginning with Amanda. She has such a unique approach and takes each child’s needs into consideration and creates a tailored program for them. Without Amanda I know my son would not be able to tell me he is hungry or call for me. One of the best gifts I have ever been given in my life has been my son to say, “Mommy me hungry.” I cannot think Amanda enough for what she has done for my family."

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